Go-Able provides Driving Assessments, advice regarding Driver and Passenger Vehicle Modifications, and professional supervision and mentoring in this area of work. 

Here at Go-Able you're covered for all things transport related.


Transport is my area of speciality and I can provide everything from driving assessments to access to vehicle modifications, to ensure that you can get safely from point A to B, with any equipment you need to take with you.  I know the importance of independence, and I'm here to give you a helping hand to make things that much easier.

With  two decades of experience in standard and specialised (drive from wheelchair) vehicle modification, and after owning one of three companies in New Zealand who held contracts to complete the specialised work, I have the experience you need. I've been fortunate to work side by side with the best in the industry (occupational therapists and vehicle modifiers). 

If you are an occupational therapist wanting to upskill or increase your confidence and safe practise in this area, I'm here to offer you a friendly and supportive mentoring relationship.


Let's discover the Road to your Potential.

Services provided:

  • Driving assessments
  • Advise regarding driver and passenger vehicle modification
  • Commercial driving assessments 
  • Professional supervision and mentoring in this area of work

See this PDF for further information about a Driving Assessment

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    A Go-Able driving assessment will let you know if you are safe to drive; and provide advise regarding vehicle modifications that will enable you to drive if you have a physical disability.

    Travelling as a passenger and having difficulty accessing a vehicle?...we can help you too.

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    Go Able offers a highly skilled and friendly service,  helping you on the road to your potential.

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    Contact Us

    Please see the "Enquiry" form if you are seeking advise/ professional supervision, or the "Referral" form to make a referral. These forms go directly to Go-Able via this website.

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