About Go-Able

About Go-Able

TeenaHi, I am Teena Jorgensen; I graduated with a Diploma in Occupational Therapy in New Zealand, and I am a Driver Trained occupational therapist. I’ve worked in most areas of occupational therapy, in New Zealand, London and Saudi Arabia. 

I started Go-Able in 2013, after working as a contractor for over 20 years. My experience as a contractor included establishing and running the business in a location that was geographically seperate to the company's base.  I left this company when it sold and worked with an occupational therapist with 35 years experience in the Transport industry as a contractor, prior to starting my own company, with his support, alongside another colleague. Our three companies served clients throughout New Zealand who had needs requiring standard and specialised vehicle modification, and driving assessment. We trained, supervised, and mentored other therapists working in this area and worked with vehicle modifiers throughout the country, including Braiden International.

Australia holds new and exciting opportunities; I plan to be here for some time. 

Go- Able offers a professional, knowledgeable service gained from two decades of working alongside leaders in the industry.

I offer training, professional supervision and mentoring, to other therapists.  

My experience is varied, with clients who have a wide range of medical conditions and injuries.

Go-Able has existing relationships with leading Australian modifiers, and an understanding of Queensland systems and NDIS processes.

Please make contact to discuss our working relationship. Alternatively, please feel free to forward queries and/or details regarding services required, which may include ( but is not limited to):
- driving assessment
- vehicle modification assessment
- professional supervision and mentoring


[email protected]
Ph: 0427 021 888



"We at Braiden International  in New Zealand are market leaders in Vehicle Adaptations for the less able. Teena was one of the ACC (Accident Compensation Coorporation) serious injury occupational therapists who worked with us on many vehicles. 

Whether it was for a passenger, front passenger, or self- drive application Teena was always knowledgeable and willing to work with us to get the best end result for the customer"

The Team at Braiden's.

Braiden International